Thursday, 8 December 2011

Work Review ~Two-Point Perspective

Final piece of two-point perspective observational work, I decided to focus more on refining my sketching style so that it closer resembled the tone and dimensions of the actual architecture, instead of being in a more sketchy style like previous final pieces. 
I think the way I focused on the building front helped in keep the eye focused on the most important part (so is where I focused all of the intricate detail), and as I gradually focused out the detail as the street went further away kind of gives the piece nice depth of field. 
One thing i probably should have done on this piece is add shading to the street itself, as i focused on just the architecture giving a 'floating' effect.
I also think some of my perspective lines are slightly wonky, and even though not a massive problem, still annoys me into wanting to get these important details spot on the next time i do two-point perspective.

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