Thursday, 8 December 2011

Work Review ~Archway

This is my final piece from my observational work of the old archway. As I spent so long trying to capture all the details on this piece as accurately as possible, I decided on keeping it just line art as I think if I did some rendering on top of this a lot of the detail would be lost. I think that by focusing on all the key shapes and perspective, I was able to have everything in the right place as I saw it on the street.
I think there are several areas on this that could do with a lot of improving, the main one is I think I need to do a version with some sort of shading. I was thinking of making a copy of the original, to then experiment on in ink or something then I’d have one copy demonstrating my detail skills, and one demonstrating my shading abilities.
I also think that by focusing on the archway alone, I neglected detail elsewhere on the piece (such as the walls and trees closest to my viewpoint) and makes these areas look a bit bare. They probably would benefit from shading, or toning when I do another version.

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