Thursday, 8 December 2011

Work Review ~Car Two-Point Perspective

This is my final for my Two-point perspective on vehicle work (mostly focusing on cars). 
I really struggled with drawing cars, not so much getting the perspective correct, more the actual shape of the car, though I tried to push myself as far as I could with this project by focusing on a lot of difficult cars (ones that looked as little like boxes on wheels basically), and is why I chose a car with quite a curved frame for my final to see if I could nail it.
I think in terms of lighting, and rendering, again these are areas im probably best at, though technically as an observational drawing of a car, there are lots of parts on it that are incorrect; Wheels are off balance, the wind shield isn't wide enough and not quite the wrong shape, and the back end of the car slopes down too drastically. 
Cars are definitely and area I need practice on more it would seem.

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