Thursday, 8 December 2011

Work Review ~Dinosaur Bones

Final piece of Dinosaur Bones from the New Walk Museum. Probably my favourite topic that we have focused on so far in Visual Design, as drawing anatomy is something im interested in the most and as it was Dinosaurs it made for a more intriguing subject. 
As I wanted to get as much of a full dinosaur into my final as possible, decided to choose this subject (as the one in the main room was too large and was difficult to fit most of it in my line of sight), and I also found the bone structure of this one very interesting to try and capture.
I think there a few inaccurate areas on this piece, probably the skull which should have been slight elongated, and also some of the small details around the rib cage are a little off. But apart from that Im quite happy with how this picture turned out.

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