Thursday, 8 December 2011

Work Review ~Bradgate Park

Final Piece for Bradgate Park observational work. Took the same approach to this piece as I did my two-point architectural work, by focusing on a centrepiece in the overall picture to cover as much detail as possible. The tress in bradgate are amazing, which is why I decided to focus on one of them, and as the day was really foggy, they created an awesome image against the shrouded environment so I just had to draw one for my final piece. 
I think the detail I captured on the tree shows how much time I spent studying this subject as there was so much detail, that each tree had its own character, so tried to make this evident in my final. 
Like with previous pieces I wasn't that bothered about the area surrounding the centre piece (except the area in the foreground and around the trunk base), so this is probably an area i could have added shading to to show what was displayed around the main tree. 

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