Saturday, 21 January 2012

But wait......I haven't finished expressing myself through the medium of interpretive dance yet

I seem to be on a roll with these random journal entries, but that's good! I didn't do enough of these before Christmas and its something I want to do a lot more of cos its not only helping toward my course, but im also finding it quite therapeutic in helping me with things as they stand at the moment :)
After browsing through other journals and blogs something someone said really caught my attention and got a reaction out of me; them basically talking about how a game that they saw someone play just didn't do it for them basically, and how they really struggled to see how it could be 'fun' and how they really found it hard to cope with even watching this game being played. As the particular game in question was the latest in the game series that has influenced me into wanting to be a game artist, despite the obvious fact that im aware that everyone has their own tastes and opinions, it really made me want to jump to the games defence! 

Its funny, because you can have opinions of other games and think yeah I really don't think I could ever get into this, and it could be the biggest and most technically marvel of a game ever.... but at the end of the day, if it doesn't interest you then your never going to go out of your way to play it. Its all about personal preferences (obvious I know), but that's another things that I've also noticed at the moment. I've recently been playing Red Dead Redemption as I got the game of the year edition for Christmas, and even though the whole wild west genre and setting has never interested me in the slightest, its quite easily one of the best games ive ever least on the current generation of consoles. Just the whole open world thing, and how authentic it feels is very true to how Rockstar make the Grand Theft Auto series, it just feels so easy to immerse yourself into the vast Wild West landscape to such an extent that you lose hours just roaming about and exploring. 
Them Bastard Cougars! literally one tap on your horses ass is all it takes to take them down, then next thing you know your cat food.... if that doesn't justify hunting them down and skinning them so you can have a nice new hat then I don't know what does
Its also taught me that as someone who has strong views against animal cruelty, you can still have a whale of a time killing and skinning literally every animal you come long as its just in the game, of course....~cough (now where did I put my knife...?)
Yin and Yang right there 

Hahaha, I guess the passion I have for games is still there, so thank you to the little sparrow that caused me to react in a way that made me realise that :D 

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