Saturday, 3 March 2012

Random Inspiration Strikes and Makes Me Cry Like a Little Girl

Gotye ~ Bronte

This here is a song by Australian artist called Gotye, called 'Bronte' from his latest album 'Making Mirrors'. Give it a listen and pay particular attention to the animated video...

You know your experiencing something special when it can evoke the sort of emotions such as sadness and reminiscence of bitter-sweet memories, that this particular piece of music does for me. The song itself is about the loss of a pet, Bronte being the name of a dog of the artists friend, but with the animated video you get a sense of something more than just losing something that is close to you. Listening and watching this, I couldn't help but get the feeling of sadness at the realisation at the loss of the ability to see the world with completely innocent eyes that we are capable of as children. We all know that we have to grow up to become adults, but only when we see or experience some thing as poignant as this video (for me anyway) is the point driven home of what we have lost in the process of growing up. 

Well never get the innocent days of childhood back, but well always have the memories. And the ability to witness those days again through our own children. 

(Check out more music videos by the same musician, done by varying animators but all very good:

Each and every video has its own individualistic style that separates each one from each other, but still manages to capture the message and style of the song its for perfectly)

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