Thursday, 22 March 2012

Life Drawing and My Opinions Thereof

Ever since starting this course Life Drawing is the one thing that ive looked forward to doing the most, as drawing the human figure has always interested me, and even though ive done it before I have never spent as much time doing it as I would have liked. 
Something that i have enjoyed studying human anatomy in the life drawing classes here, is that with each week we were challenged with experimenting with a new medium to use, and I loved it! ive always been one to try new methods of drawing, and this gave me a great excuse to do so. 
A medium in which I enjoy using a lot is Indian ink, and in the life drawing classes I was re-introduced to it and reminded how much I love it in the first place. Using a brush to create very thick and strong lines has always been one of my favourite techniques, and originates from my love of Japanese art. Im definitely going to use this practice with Indian ink to take up my brush again!

For my self directed study time, ive focused a lot on using both Indian Ink to draw the human anatomy so I can fine tune my ability to capture the human form, and area I love studying. I think this constant observational work will help my understanding a lot when it comes to the character projects we have been set, and will be set in the future. 

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