Thursday, 5 January 2012

Personal Gaming History ~ PlayStation 2 to Now

PlayStation 2
Definitely the console that I (and most other people) regard as the best ever, I mean the games that were produced for it just speak for themselves.... the era in my video game history that opened my eyes at what could be done in this particular medium
Grand Theft Auto: Though I played the older version's on PSOne, the introduction of a 3d world you could just explore and cause havoc in at your own leisure was incredible when I experienced for the first time. I lost many hours just exploring the awesome cities that these games brought to life in their own unique style. And the soundtracks.....~inspired

My love for the Final Fantasy Series continued onto this generation, though the series decline was first evident in the tenth instalment....mainly by making the game linear, by removing the freedom given in previous games with the World Map. Still epic though, immersive characters, story and a world you just got sucked into make this a classic

The Warriors games (Dynasty, Samurai and Warriors Orochi) aren't necessarily the most original, but the combination of my interests in Feudal Japanese and Chinese history with hack and slash game play make these games a favourite of mine. There's nothing more relaxing than battering at least a thousand faceless goons in the face with an oversized spear....ahhh, history

A game I never owned, Soul Calibur 2 was a favourite beat em up of mine because its one id always have fun playing around a friends house on multi player with. The combination of the ice rink arena and comedy weapons, with health set to maximum is still a favourite game set-up that me and my friend still play with to this very day
Ratchet and Clank are seriously some of the best and most fun games I have ever played, and continue to be up there with some of the best in my books. Probably the last great platform game to feature a non-human character in my opinion

The Kingdom Hearts series: people either don't get them, or love them a little TOO much. I love them for what they are....a genuinely unique combination of two great franchises, that works perfectly in creating an awesomely original game series, that keeps on growing with more anticipation with each new instalment. A game series I keep very close to my heart indeed :)

Dragon Quest: journey of the cursed king:  The first in the long running series I ever played, mostly as it was the first released over here in the west. What amazed me about this game was the sheer size of the world it was set in was, and coupled with the lush cel-shaded visuals was not only an awesome game to play but also a feats for the eyes ~drool

Okami: In my opinion.....ONE OF THE BEST GAMES EVER! you only have to take one look at the footage of this game in action to realise your seeing something truly original, something next to impossible to achieve in modern gaming. Who knew a game about a Sun Goddess in the form of a wolf, restoring nature by using a celestial paintbrush could be so good?

Final Fantasy XII: Yes, yet another FF game in the list, though this stood out to me as it was very different from previous instalments, so much so that a lot of fans didn't like it at all. I did though, and I loved how the new combat system allowed you to fight monsters you could actually see in the game world as opposed to the traditional 'random encounter' system the series had held onto for so long.

Rogue Galaxy: A truly great JRPG that was overshadowed during the last days of the PS2 by the game above. It combined a massive world with great characters, and together with a massive customisation option for every character and an epic story involving space pirates, it was a great swan song to my gaming years on this platform.

Gaming Today
Though gaming is still a big part of my life today, the way that the industry is today means that some of the magic that used to be there has waned slightly, though my passion still remains and has led me on my path to start creating them as a career. 
Today I play games on my Playstation 3 and Nintendo DS, and although I tend to games series' I  already know when I venture out of my comfort zone I am often pleasantly surprised. 

Nintendo DS
Chrono Trigger: The re-release on Nintendo DS allowed me to play what I think is one of the greatest games EVER. seriously, not many games come close to comparing to the time travelling adventure that this game managed to perfect, the story and characters are still some of my favourites ever. Such a collaboration from so many different creative and legendary figures in the gaming history, wouldn't be possible in today's climate.....shame, when its a game like this that is the end result

Dragon Quest 9: Continuing the solid RPG style of the series, this new instalment allowed you to be able to customise your characters to how you wanted to use them in game which I thought was a cool feature.

Final Fantasy 3: Finally releasing the 3rd instalment of the series in the west, Square Enix even revamped it in 3d graphics which worked quite well for the DS. Was good to see where the class system seen in later instalments came from, and the game despite the originals age, stands up fairly solidly to newer games in the series.

Pokemon Black/White: The last of the main series of Pokemon games brought its usual concept which is still as addictive and fun as ever, but now with a load of new Pokemon and nifty 3d graphics in some areas. The story this time was a lot deeper than the usual 'collect Pokemon, beat gym leaders, stop evil gang' as well, which was refreshing to see

Playstation 3

Eternal Sonata: One of the first RPG's I played on this generation of games consoles, it was unique in its heavily influenced by the classical music of Chopin (in fact the main character was based on him). The colourful graphics betrayed a deep game, especially when it came to the addictive battle system.

Fallout 3: Id never played a Fallout game before this one, probably because ive always been a console gamer but I loved this game as soon as I played it. I had a really grim atmosphere that really made you believe you were roaming a post-apocalyptic world
Metal Gear Solid 4: The ultimate conclusion to one of my favourite game series didnt disappoint. Some people complained about the lengthy cut-scenes, but as a fan of the story i was eager to see how they were going wrap it all up and so thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Also the battle between Metal Gears on Shadow Moses island.......EPIC

Valkyria Chronicles: Despite being an older PS3 game, its one I've wanted for awhile and have only just got the chance to play though the wait was worth it. I'm not usually one to rate a game based on its graphics, but when I saw this game in action it blew my mind; the whole thing looks like one big water colour painting, its just beautiful to look at. It was also the first strategic, turn-based RPG shoot em up I ever played....and probably the last to be honest

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