Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Storm is over....Chase The Rain!

A random as anything title...but then again this is going to be a random as anything entry, I need to vent dag nabbit!
Drawing and being creative has always been my own way of escaping the life ive had that hasn't always been easy. As I got into video games I then found another route to take in which to escape a reality, and later down the line I found I could merge the two in what would be my first step and interest in designing art for video games for a living.

So now....what's changed?

I find myself on a course that has taken me a lot longer to reach than most others, the road hasn't been an easy one but im finally here, studying to do the job that I could only ever dream of growing up....and yet now here i am, when faced with something creative to do I lose the inspiration to get me started...the ideas are there, but the drive I used to have to push on with it.... well its really suffering at the moment. 
A lot of big things have happened in my life recently, that I will save you from hearing on here, but the negative  effects of which have impacted my life and how I feel about things...its funny how unrelated things in your life can have such a negative impact on your workflow, and how you usually work, buts that's exactly what I feel has happened and its really getting me down.

Sounds like im making excuses for sitting on my arse not doing anything right? ha!

I think a key thing I really need to focus on is to become inspired again....focus on the good things in my life, and use them as inspiration to recapture how I used to feel about creativity and video games.....the passion is still there I believe, its just finding the fuel to get the fire burning bright again. Friends, family, that special someone... art, design, inspiring artists, writers, music games, movies, the list goes on of things that have made me happy and influenced my creativity over the years, and their still there! Nows the time to take these things and use them to re-ignite my passion! 
I CAN DO THIS! ~dives out of nearest window from the excitement of it all 

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