Thursday, 23 May 2013

Yes, I Designed A Sci-Fi Strip Club

As a rule..... im not a fan of designing or drawing interiors. Even exteriors that much but I tolerate them more, due to having more space to play around with. So as you can imagine I was really looking forward to this project... hurhurhur.
However I thought of ways to make it enjoyable, and that revolved around being ridiculous and in something I knew would interest me enough to come up with some cool ideas.... So I came to the conclusion that I was going to design some sort of Sci-Fi Strip Club. Yes.
My main inspiration and thought behind this was... what if something like the original Star Wars movies featured a strip club in them? id imagine it something dingy but full of a wide variety of obscure aliens and species, like the Mos Eisley Cantina scene from A New Hope. 

Early Sketches: I looked at how i could create an authentic looking bar environment, that could till be identified as being something not of this world. I focused on fluid lines and curves for the bar area, but with visibly functional things like wise and tubes running in ceiling hatches to show the power supply of the building. 
Overhead Room Layout: I looked at things from a birds eye perspective so I could get furniture placement and overall idea for where things could go and how much room the bar would have. I went for a central bar with the tables kind of placed equidistant from that as if orbiting it: the rooms four corners are occupied by the dancing stages, two ate the back with poles the two at the front without. 
3D Block-outs: I decided the best way to bring my strip club to life would be to make a rough 3D model of it. This would allow me to place everything in the right positions as well have a basis for my final piece, with all the perspective and proportions of the club correct. 

Final Piece: I painted the final design by using a screenshot of my 3D block-outs, so that i had the rooms placement spot on. I made use of mood lighting a lot for the club, as i think that's what would give you the feel that this was a club not seen on this planet. Even though this was a project focusing on interior design, as a budding character artist I couldn't help populating my club with various weird and wonderful inhabitants! I think it gives the final things a much more atmospheric feel, as well as tell you what sort of establishment this is ;)

I also made this poster mock-up to advertise my establishment...
All patrons of all species welcome! 

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