Thursday, 23 May 2013

Continuing To Draw Naked People In A Non-Pervy Way

Throughout this year my attention has become more and more focused on life drawing practice, as creating characters becomes my main objective for all future work. I've found that the continuation of life drawing this year had really helped me in becoming so much better, especially with the reduced time to do some of them in which has definitely improved the confidence of my strokes. You have to make each one count when you have only 10 seconds to draw!
At this point I've pretty much moved away from pencil completely, preferring inks paints and brush pens as all mediums in which I find myself stronger in. I find the permanence of such materials gives me a clarity when working, knowing that everything I press down on the paper its permanent, so I don't worry about correcting anything and just move onto the next piece. 
One thing i hadn't got much chance to explore this year is accurate use of colour: Its still an area im lacking experience in, and one im going to try and focus on practising in over summer ready for third year. 

Personal Practice: Watercolour still remains one of my favourite methods of shading, though I also love using coloured inks. I've been not only focusing on anatomy, but also more specifically portraits and focusing on faces. 

As we STILL haven't had a chance to draw male anatomy properly in class, due to a lack of male life models, I had to look up other resources online to practice in this area. As a character artist im going to need to know how to draw both men and women accurately, so this has been an important focus of mine. 

Digital Practice: I've also tried to broaden my horizons by practising life drawing in both digital and traditional media, to boost my confidence with the drawing tablet and Photoshop. These speed male studies I did I think show how I've progressed in terms of being able to capture the human form, as well as my shading techniques.

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