Tuesday, 4 December 2012

People Practice! :D

Thought id post up what work I've been doing over summer, pretty much involving my focus on human anatomy and portrait work, the work I most enjoy :) 

Sketch done in fine-line pen: tried to make use of hatching, and fast sketches of varying depths to nail down as much detail as possible.

Sketch in 6B grade pencil: Again, incorporating hatching lines for simple and fast shading. Its a good technique that I haven't really used much before, but I like a lot when doing speed drawing. 

A portrait piece using 6B grade Pencil: I focused on specific areas in this to create larger depth in the features, so that the overall models expression could be translated as easily as possible. 

 Another portrait using 6B pencil: Used a lot more time to show the detail in this sketch, paying attention to the shadow depth around the eyes and cheeks to show features, regardless of how obvious they appear. 
 Pencil and Watercolour life drawing studies: Using literally a few minutes on each piece in pencil I sketched out the basic shapes to then add the detail in watercolours, sticking to single colour shading (will tackle proper colour theory later).
 Some watercolour work, this time looking at portraits: Kept most the detail on the facial features again, using loose strokes at first to get the basic shades then adding more detail with less diluted paint afterwards. I kept my focus on the balance between the mid-tones and the darker areas to show distinction in the features. 

Was really satisfied with the amount of practice I got in as I was able to fill an entire sketchbook with various sketches and doodles in different media. Really like drawing the female anatomy, though I think I need to focus on the male as much so I can get them both spot on for y'know... when I actually want to design a male character :p

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